By: PaysConteur~

 November shadows have a look of death
 Wintering winds leave the world cold and pale
 After the falling leaf and rose buds breath
 sweet honey and sweet notes together fail
 A part of something, should to others fall
 to love, and have, shall never have it all
 Beauty seeks and measures each portion small
 resting in dreams till the day comes to call
 Where so much begins, many things will end
 The wind is cold and snow laden limbs bend
 As one who follows a departing friend
 he who takes time to mourn, takes time to mend
 I know how old, to you, I sometimes seem
 Your loving warmth my heart won’t soon forget
 It must be winter, all I do, is dream
 of the beauty that leaves without regret
 Winter glorifies the summer roses
 Immortalizing their love while they sleep
 undaunted by what the world imposes
 They conceal their beauty they can not keep
 The longing of the heart forever blest
 who would not be at peace when growing old
 dare not we pause, unless we stop, to rest
 if love weren’t free, and the world, ever cold