By: CCPoems4U~


 If there’s a wrong we right it,
 If there’s an enemy we fight it,
 And I’ll stand beside the righteous,
 When duty calls our name,
 And when my time had finally come,
 Decide I must, to fight or run,
 Then with my body wracked with fear,
 I dared to raise my head.
 With death near every second,
 Save myself I beckoned,
 And clever ways to shelter,
 Found their way into my mind.
 In fear they’d call me chicken,
 Through sights that truly sicken,
 I found the me I’d hoped I be,
 He proudly saw me through.
 I’ve kept that person tucked away
 Yet still he has too much to say,
 And this outspoken poet,
 Carries this burden with respect.
 They told us, “take the jungle”, “build that ambush sight”
 We followed orders to the ‘T’, and prayed with all our might,
 And if you told me then and there, that I would soon be home,
 I’d have cracked a beer and shook my head,
 I’d still be all alone.
 D.O. Smith     11