By: PaysConteur~

When we dream alone it is just a dream;

like the misty light within the moonbeam,
without bright starlight the moon wouldn’t shine.
So together we dream, your heart to mine.
We are, what we are, lovers without sin,
tenderly sharing everything within.
Willingly trading my heart for your soul;
when all is whispers, heavens light falls whole.
The pure poetry of a perfect dream
charming the heart with a beautiful theme.
Bending feelings into delicious verbs
with fragile verses of musical herbs.
A rich image of treasured emotion
appearing with passionate devotion.
Gleaming in the eyes of heartfelt desire;
our souls live for the spirit of our fire.
An oracle of diction and grammar
creating soft rippling waves of glamour.
Together swept away on rustling wings
the lasting love of what such softness brings.
Discerning beauty with a loving eye,
without love, glory surely would die.
So we capture the essence, you and I;
together humble but never so shy.
Far away dreams define a starry night;
slumbering so holy in calm delight.
The shepherd queen of my admiring eye
guides me heavenly through the evening sky.
Daffodils in moonlight sleep daisy white
sharing the beauty of silver starlight.
Dreaming of the morning sun’s golden grace
heaven preserves what lovely dreams embrace.
Within the humble loyalty of heart
whether we are together or apart;
love’s pure intent is held in high esteem,
so when we make love, together we dream.