By: CCPoems4U~

 She never asked for much in life,
 A little food was quite enough
 She’d show her love in many ways,
 Not the normal hugs and stuff.
 We welcomed her into our home,
 An Icon she became,
 We all took her for granted,
 Though we never knew her name.
 Our dogs at times were rough with her,
 She never seemed to mind,
 Rarely setting foot outside
 Her life was quite confined.
 As years would pass, set in her ways,
 We often shared a bed,
 Forgoing others such as she,
 Snuggling close to me instead.
 Her age unknown, but up in years,
 The years will have their way,
 In my heart I knew, what I must do.
 So dreaded was the day.
 Wrapped in a baby blanket,
 She barely moved at all,
 Advised as to my options,
 I did all I could to stall.
 With all prepared, excluding me,
 I chose to hold her in my arms,
 As if I was protecting her,
 From any pain or harm.
 The slightest little squeak she made,
 as if to say goodbye,
 And there I was, so helpless,
 Ever see a grown man cry?
 It barely took a second,
 She went limp and she was gone,
 A moment I won’t soon forget,
 I checked all her haunts at dawn,
 I hoped that I was dreaming,
 Emotions still untamed.
 A piece of me is missing,
 That Black Cat is who I blame.
 D.O. Smith 10