By: CCPoems4U~

 I basked in my solitude,
 Thriving alone,
 A front I enjoyed through the years.
 Immersed in my thoughts,
 I’d put them to test,
 Writing rhymes and ignoring my fears.
 Through a strange twist of fate,
 I’ve come to amend,
 Time of selfishness, as it appears.
 Where once I would live,
 On the fat of the land,
 Surviving on Pizza and Beers.
 She took me by storm,
 Defenseless was I,
 As I melted, at her behest.
 Living on Kisses,
 Sweeter than wine,
 I was soon in need of a rest.
 How could this be,
 This radical change,
 A spell, or just lost in my bliss.
 Where once I stood proudly,
 Alone in my lie,
 Yearning now for the years I have missed.
 D.O. Smith 08.