By: CCPoems4U~

 When I told you, I would soon be back,
 I meant it from my heart,
 But you and I both knew the risks,
 We knew right from the start.
 I couldn’t just sit idly by,
 With the knowledge I possessed,
 The fact that I had gotten out,
 Could help rescue the rest.
 How torn I was with leaving you,
 How could I go back again,
 I But I also knew my duty,
 I had to help those men.
 My fear was overwhelming,
 For I had been down there,
 I was just the lucky one,
 In a shaft that sill had air..
 I am the night shift Forman,
 So I know my way around,
 What a way to make a living,
 Three miles underground.
 As we began decending,
 My thought returned to you,
 Of the life that we have shared,
 And of all that we’ve been through.
 Then finally touching bottom,
 Still two miles to go,
 I pantomime “I love You”,
 Before explaining where to go.
 We loaded up the ore cars,
 The Rescue guys and I,
 If we don’t make it out of here,
 It’s not because we didn’t try.
 When I motioned for the car to halt,
 I knew just where we were,
 Although my thoughts were racing,
 My memory a blur.
 They dug with picks and shovels,
 I manned the mobile crane,
 To remove the fallen timbers,
 Shaft access to regain.
 As I cranked the handle,
 To help move some debris,
 The mine belched out its final moan,
 Setting all the trapped men free.
 The men all ran to safety ,
 I was trapped beneath the crane,
 I knew it would be hours ,
 Till they came back again.
 I had a small air pocket ,
 My hardhat had a light,
 In my pocket pen and notepad,
 So I began to write.
 I knew my time was coming fast,
 And if I had the time,
 I’d like to leave you my last thoughts,
 Here in this little rhyme.
 Now as the air is thinning,
 I pray my love you’ll keep,
 I’m feeling quite at peace, My Love,
 As I drift here off to sleep.
 D.O. Smith 08