By: CCPoems4U~

 Don’t look back, you stupid Cherry, run,
 Like you’ve never run before,
 Move it Cherry, beat your feet,
 Or they’ll have your ass for sure.
 Don’t stop here keep running,
 You Dog Dudes got it made,
 We stay here and fight the war,
 While your probably getting laid.
 Get that damn dog out of here,
 Probably has fleas,
 We saved your butt again tonight,
 A simple “thank you“, if you please.
 If you ever want to see short days,
 Get your butt in gear,
 But then again, you Bow Wow Boys,
 Getting high back in the rear.
 Hey is that a radio, ,
 Crank it dude , It’s light, OK
 Some tunes, and C’s and cigaretts,
 We may make it through the day.
 Marlboros and CCR,
 Day after stinking day,
 Charlie, holding down the Trail,
 So now we play it Johnson’s way.
 Since we stopped bombing HoChee’s Trail,
 The Do-Do hit the fan,
 I’m packin up and headin out,
 If we loose one more man.
 Hey, Cherry, where you from,
 Nah, forget I asked at all,
 Your just another G I Joe,
 Who answered to the call.
 Just keep your head down Cherry Boy,
 This will all be over soon,
 You’ll be tradin in ol’ Rin Tin Tin
 For a lazy afternoon.
 Got a Girl, a Family ?
 Is she waiting patiently ?
 Or did you join this stinkin’ Corps,
 To keep our Country free ?
 I’ll tell ya, this is my last war,
 Charles has seen the last of me,
 Slammin’ a few cold ones,
 With the boys, that’s where I’ll be.
 Snipper, Damn, get down kid,
 Stupid Cherry, hit the ground,
 Get down, Get down, whats wrong with you ?
 And quiet that damn hound.
 Damn Kid, blood, have you been hit,
 Medic, K-9 Dude looks bad,
 Don’t be dead you Bastard,
 I ain’t got time for feeling sad.
 That’s it for me, Damn stupid kid,
 I ain’t talkin to another soul, not till I get home,
 I must be some kind of jinx, I think,
 Or I’m in the Twilight Zone.
 The one thing I will always keep,
 That has always served me well,
 “DON”T LOOK BACK”, no matter what
 Now Run, and, Run Like Hell.
 D.O. Smith 10