By: PaysConteur~

 Needing very little to make life supreme
 love decorates life with a dying dream.
 Each day beams with life quietly blending,
 the ebb and flow of the ever ending.
 Yesterday so different, than today.
 Still tomorrow will come without delay.
 When days are short and the sun grows smaller,
 there’s a certain sadness in the color.
 Remembering the wishful dreamlike years
 sadness and remorse fills my heart with tears.
 Everything is changing, if I but knew
 What’s more lovely, than what the heart holds true.
 With youth full of pleasure, age full of care,
 memory charms the stillness of the air
 Immersed, surrounded by scent and color,
 life creates in me a sense of wonder.
 Seeing what I see, I must not pretend
 knowing in my heart something else will end.
 There’s a certain sadness in the color
 till it blooms again in twilight yonder.