By: CCPoems4U~

 The difference in our ages,
 Is measured just in years,
 Your attitude will change with time.
 As your next birthday nears.
 If I could tell you one thing, Son,
 Make a difference as you go on,
 Your body may say twilight,
 While your mind is saying dawn.
 Right now you are invincible,
 Soon enough you’ll turn the page.
 Then Father time will haunt you,
 And deceive you as you age.
 If you’ll just keep in mind one thing,
 As you travel through your time,
 Your aching bones may tell you no,
 When otherwise your feeling fine.
 Call me old man if you will,
 Think my story has been told,
 Outside, I’m gray and wrinkled,
 Inside I’m spry and bold.
 Time takes it’s toll on everyone,
 Too soon our race has run,
 As physically you age, my Son,
 Make sure your mind stays young.
 I’ve have over done it just s bit,
 Worn out a part or two,
 But no regrets to speak of ,
 And a young mans point of view.
 I wish you all that’s good and true,,
 In what life has in store,
 With all the love within me,
 I wish you ten times more.
 D.O. Smith 08