By: PaysConteur~

 Against all my will,
 and with all my heart,
 it is time we must part.
 Holding you all so very dear,
 my solace is
 the road now lies clear,
 and no longer
 do I worry about love.
 My fading memory
 has shed it’s tears
 knowing my path
 may not have been yours.
 I am glad we can’t go back
 because my dreams
 have carried me here.
 So while my mind is clear
 and my heart is full,
 I bless the love
 you have all gave me.
 Life may preserve earth.
 Laws may guide the planets,
 but remembrance
 only preserves
 for a moment,
 the beauty of the stars.
 How sweet the winds wanderings?
 How sweet the wild rose?
 How remorseful the soul
 when the stars fall?
 But then how jubilant
 is the soul after death
 when we are able to see
 where they land?