By CCPoems4U~


 And so my Love, it’s come to this,
 A dream come to fruition,
 The ups and downs of life behind.
 Recalling every inhibition.
 Hand and hand a moonlit night,
 We eched a path in stone,
 Inspired to live out our dreams,
 No longer on our own.
 Take this love, I found, to give,
 Treat it with great care,
 This Love I bring so fragile,
 Accept it, if you dare.
 I have not walked this path before,
 Forgive me if I fall,
 Accept me flawed, from years gone by,
 Or accept me not at all.
 In humbled adoration,
 Pretty Lady of my dreams,
 You’ve taken and restored my life,
 As you stole my heart it seems.
 It’s you, I know its you, and so,
 I ask of you, just this,
 Grasp my heart with every touch,
 Accept it with each kiss.
 D.O. Smith 09