By: PaysConteur~

Perplexed and troubled it took me by surprise;

life so quaint floating in beautiful disguise.
There in the sunlight fluttering all alone
innocence ascends to enter the unknown.
I thought I captured myself a butterfly,
but life didn’t flutter it went fleeting by.
So what I thought I captured, had captured me;
creating the desire to set my heart free.
Rise up dear soul with you my heart wants to fly.
Love gives me hope, fading beauty makes me cry.
Dreaming of another time, loving the summer air
the winds whisper to me a silent prayer.
Captured butterfly you give my spirit wings.
The wonders of life are awe inspiring things.
What lovely whispers promise innocence brings
the existing beauty to which my heart clings.
Unlike dew upon the ferns and fragrant grasses
beauty changes the living when it passes,
and like color it will someday fade away,
and who worships it, shall worship it, each day.
What curious art which life so finely wrought;
creates for the heart hope, imagined in thought?
Gazing upon such wonder in glad surprise
the very simple to higher levels rise.