By: PaysConteur~


What every whisper wants to sing
when the heart has the feel of spring
life returns to the grove and glen
and we cherish our love again
Alone my secrets have no art
but in your ears and in your heart
words find their mark and haply they
who hush the love they steal away
With flushed red cheeks and whispers soft
hushed wept tears flutter their cares aloft
surprised by what whispers will do
for the heart, whom they’re whispered to
I will come to you in whispers
in the night sunrise worshipers
measuring steps in soft slippers
filling life with loving whispers
Still nothing will change the heart more
with our whispers, our dreams will soar
carrying the night into day
ending it, in a loving way
It begins with and ends with you
my heart echoes with it so true
singing, you I love, I love you
softly the only way it knew
What every whisper wants to sing
knowing love is a beautiful thing
but the heart wants to know it’s true
when heaven comes and falls like dew
I long to whisper, I love you.