By: PaysConteur~

In a world where angels repose,
our faith proves it’s divinity.
Here where all life comes to a close,
our love has immortality.
When all of our dreams have perished,
there’ll be a charm death can’t destroy;
how existence should be cherished,
humbly blessing life’s great joy.
Flower to seed we will vanish
preserved in silent reflection.
The passing of time can’t banish
the fragrance of pure affection.
Moments of life are quickly gone;
kindler of life is love so true.
We’ll wine tonight and part in dawn;
my heart will always be with you.
No cowering moment was mine,
and when we loved, we loved it dear.
Seeing your heavenly heart shine,
I know our love completes the sphere.
In our heart there’s no room for death,
and nothing there can we avoid,
being these creatures of living breath;
what we were can not be destroyed.
Who’ll accept these tears as reward
live and laugh and be not dismayed.
Blessed souls, adhere to the lord;
in love’s memory we will fade.