By: HummingDragonFly~

There was once a time
When I could have told you,
But that was long ago when I was young
And knew not of tragedy nor hurt,
But only pain, when I was free
And the world had not wounded
Or embattled me…
Then, for a moment so brief
All learning seemed to crystallize,
Knowledge brightened like sunrise
And burst the bounds of quantum slice
Like a fence peered over into there, beyond
To see the deeper workings of molecules of light
And they in all their musical cadences
Their rhythms and their mathematical equations
Their notes dancing in a fused syncopation
Slow, like a fox trot, or waltzed creation
When love was without question
And eternity was a tangible understanding—
The visible hope of techno-salvation…
. Or, perhaps it was just a hemped-up hallucination
Like the spherical relation of
A carnival soothsayer and her crystal ball—
Just another imaginary mind-bend
From this place in my head that has no end
Where every door opens to a room with five more
multiplying exponentially unto infinite lore
These forces that defy the limits of the mind—
The question remains unanswered—Why?
I am old now—
Every branching bough was tethered and bound
To twist and confound—
Each gnarled limb contorted and disguised
Each new leaf miniaturized—
T’was not my design, this abstract bonsai—
A creator’s hand unseen, but worked sublime—
Seek not redemption in an earthbound night
The world is not the way of truth or light
But rather seek the heart and a simple life
Therein find a dwelling place of spirit high—
Oh, I died a thousand times!
When Love rules this world
Then will the sun rise…
The turning season cools and crisps
The locusts buzz with fervent zest
Bats flitter the soft twilight
Against a neon sky patterned bright,
So lovely as to raise a tear—
A choked sigh in awe
At the miracle of God
And each tiny incredible life
Like waves upon a beach
Breaking sloshing crashing each
Upon the next—a soothing gentleness so deep
As a mother’s womb’s pulsed heartbeat
Wherein I sleep
Amidst the fragranced scent of Eden…