By: PaysConteur~   

Memory brings to light the bloom of love.
Sharing the existing beauty thereof,
each gentle whisper of love discloses;
the ageless beauty the loving heart imposes.
The saddest light shines when life appears gray.
but loveliness won’t let beauty slip away.
Nothing can take away those beautiful hours,
when life promised whispers of white flowers.
Heavenly white flowers whisper a song,
to whom the melodies of love belong.
Singing with the deepest beauty of light;
the breath of love blossoms soft, pure, and white.
Like a spring breeze flowers seem to lighten;
the whispered hopes of love it will brighten.
As budding blooms open, senses heighten
the warmth which sings, as the petals whiten.
Forever whispers love like white flowers;
the passion of what is, and will be ours.
The memories which whisper of those whom
give love the glory of each perfect bloom.
When our beauty fades, our love will remain
light as the white petals, soft as the rain.
Heavenly white flowers with dew impearled;
the essence of love in a boundless world.
Love so deep still the flower must wither;
wilting after they bloom they blow whither.
Scattered by winds to share their scented breath
gives our love tender dreams we share till death
Radiantly white, exquisitely pure;
creating beauty destined to endure.
The soul of a white flower is a star,
whispering now where the eternal are.