By: PaysConteur~

Tomorrow has come for her,
but my heart still keeps her near.
Good friends life joined together;
to this bond I will adhere.
Adoring her all those years,
it is her gift my heart gives.
Part of me is partly hers,
so in my heart she still lives.
In a world so unaware,
she came gently asking where
you’d find a lovelier prayer,
than violets purple flair.
In sadness there is a tear,
in hope there is always a way,
what she gave she gave me dear;
still close and still clear today.
There’s a fading loveliness
of her and her violets.
Purple pastel gentleness
sheltering all our regrets.
A heart so lovely so rare
joyfully immersed in rhyme;
sharing her heart’s candled flare;
sage with love, outlasting time.
Hued in dark purplish blue
with an encouraging gleam;
her love and violets grew
creating for me a dream.
Pale blue petals testify
to her love lightly fading
withering away to die;
color forever shading.
Her glow is now in heaven;
silver gold with yellow hue.
Where there’s angels there’s leaven
violets into pastel blue