By: EyeofTheTiger2u7~

The rose is just a rose in the early spring
Red and yellow petals with lasting love they bring
Scented colors touched by morning dew
Blooms arranged in many different hues
Beauty hidden within the thorns
Reminding those that touch to be forlorn
Stems and pointed leaves of green
Buds that burst upon the scene
Roses for the lovers dream
Symbols of their deep esteem
Vows of passion as they pledge
Takes devotion to the edge
Snip the flower from it’s perch
A gesture to the one we search
Presented to someone that cares
Fore ever more our love to share
The rose is just a simple thing
Blooming in the early spring

A gift to life each petal brings
The melody that makes hearts sing
January 20 2013 ©