By: EyeoftheTiger2u7


I found a message in a bottle and on my knees I bent
A message from up above truly heaven sent
Voices streaming from on high
From silver clouds drifting in the sky


Choirs singing and harps did play
Their heavenly sounds heard through the day
Melodies of hope and grace
A leap of faith written on my face


There I stood with awe and wonder
Never again my life asunder
Strength and faith now I hold
All coming from those harps of gold


Not knowing what these words can do
But knowing they were meant for you
Holding fast don’t let them stray
A meeting there will be some day


Oh thoughts and dreams in my mind do swell
On worldly things we can not dwell
These were the words so sublime
Everlasting notes I hear until the end of time


On bended knee I do repent
Words that are from heaven sent