By: PaysConteur~

Just outside my window an oak is sleeping.
It’s leaves have all blown, hither and thither.
However , this oak is safely keeping,
something that passing time cannot wither.
A silent friend, an imperial sage,
whose silhouette glorifies the moonlight.
A tree so solid ,weathering with age,
limbed in heavens immeasurable height.
Tenderly growing with endless reason
with ruggedness engrained into it’s will.
Quiet fortitude endears each season
hushing the wind so sweet, so soft, so still.
Looking through immortal eyes upon death
my heart , in one eternal instant rose
Rendering silence with a quiet breath;
honored by what heavenly moonlight chose.
As beautiful as November days can be,
dark as night, how wonderful the contrast.
How can someone love a bare leafless tree;
limbed with a future rooted in the past.
Silently conducting wind, earth, and air;
the face of heaven breathes to me a prayer.
When all the fields are lying brown and bare,
there is still something precious standing there.
Beyond the bounds of earthly cares and fears,
blessings are limbs bathed in heavenly light.
Reaching up through the shadows of passed years;
strength shines brighter than the moon at midnight.
Growing now rooted in both earth and sky;
a larger pain for those who stand alone.
In the moonlight of night without a sigh,
the power of the spirit is unknown.
One kind soul glorifying another.
In the presence of such strength reaching high,
alone shining brightly, for the other.
My heart wants to climb, my heart wants to fly
Gazing upon a continuous dream
hope rises where we only, wish to go.
As steadfast as, this magnificent scene,
life burns with a gleam glittered with it’s glow.
There is a secret that stirs in these limbs
shadowing these stark bare branches of wood.
From this world to the sky, the wind sings hymns,
silencing a world seldom understood.
The essence of love created this place.
Glorifying all which touch us so well.
Within my heart these moonlit paths I trace.
Where will they lead me ?I can scarcely tell.