In the late afternoon

When the light enters amber

Sweeping sideways through shadowed rooms

The dust motes dance and hover silently

When all seems at peace—

The house lets out a sigh

And echoes a refrain—

The lives of children pass through and by

As a page in eons book of time

While the clock ticks and turns

Into the dusk…


It is a time of hush and prayer

Even as the world in other realms continues

Raucous, tragic and absurd

As if there could ever be

Some purpose or goal to achieve—

It’s only a slight excursion,

A voyage of the heart,

A chance at love and laughter, yet

So often, a bitter scourge—

This house has breathed the years of lives,

Seen passage from youth to old—

Wonders at the struggle to hold

As if history could be kept alive

In a china cup, or bowl,

A silver mug, or crystal vase—

Even the plaster walls

Can’t hold the past—it washes away—

As for people, they move on

As the sun at its zenith

Still falls, at day’s end—

This brief moment—

Just a smile, heart and ken…


Deepening blushes the sunlit glass

As remembrance of feeling—

Oh, I loved you then—

Our passages met, and then traveled on

 But for that part of me that was yours

Torn from my heart and there emptied whole

An anguish of longing, a hope of soul—

Now shadows do lengthen

And nighttime falls—

I sigh in the stillness—

Life moves on…