By: Humming Dragonfly~

At noon
The world is blue and white
Sparkling daggers to the eyes
Diamond dust is the world
Hard as crystal and as cold
When a sun is white and small
It bears no heat
But light enough for all the year—
No lie hides in the brilliance
No shadow dark enough
To cover small irregularities—
Eyes spark tears
That freeze on the cheek
And squeeze the breath
As crows black as inkspots on the page
Rule the treetops…
At midnight
Skies are deep and dusty
Yet blue still, in a white moon
Light from below is a snowy field
One can see forever in the dark
When all sleeps
And the blanket overhead
Glitters and winks a million jewels
Thrown against the velvet
Scattered and strewn
In a still portrait
Of the mother at rest
One dares not gaze long
When the breath draws in
Sharp daggers to the heart
The deep has no concernA
Nor care of flesh
Cold is the beauty of night
Yet merciless…
But woe if it storm in winter then
When gray is the palette
For then the furies shriek and howl
Gasping is a choked breath
When snow is blown like sand
And feels as harsh
When every drop of vapor
Gives up its last moisture
To become another of the ice rocks
Now the trees shatter like glass
Cattle freeze as they stand
And no structure withstands the wind
That seeps through every crevasse
It is to defy death to venture out now—
The buffalo clump together
Their humped backs like so many
Boulders in a field—
The great hawk perches
On a fencepost
And fears nothing…
Humming Dragonfly 2008