By:HummingDragonfly ~


where the nighttime is its deepest black

there, peering into the space where I threw myself

beyond Orion, beyond even the Pleiades

where there is a hole in the sky

a triangular or rectangular place betwixt the light

into the velvet eternity there I peer wondering

is that where the magic comes from?

the place where the heavens sprinkle the dust of life upon us?

the infinite makes me a sprite of light,

a lilt, a life oh, take it not so seriously

when gazing there

beyond the mind’s ability to understand

the realms of God…

here, it is enough

to laugh and play a prank or two

and kick some sand  away

to prattle on in a nonsensical way

even thinking it all so important

oh, man or woman, it is all so deep

think not that you will find the way there

but live on the webs of gossamer wings

the fairy dust that we can conceive

and laugh if you can

and cry if you must

and love as much as you can

be kind to another and  fight if it means

that someone would be hurt in the end

but never imagine beyond your dreams

you can know what it means to fly

keep reality in perspective here

life is but a fairy tale true

and as short as a length of my wing…

so let me shower you here with this

fairy dust from beyond

and let the blackest hole in the sky

be only that place betwixt the two

my mighty friends there

Orion, and the sisters

watching us here…