By: HeadlessZombiez
An insect plague on a hot day makes you just wanna get filthy dirty or soakin wet so the bugs wont break the skin They clawed a roadmap into the dog’s back when she was just dirty enough to start smelling good to them It really did her a lot of justice but now she’ll be just dirty enough again Twisted up sideways just barely strong enough to sit there and take it turning inside out and right side in Not sleeping not eating just breathing spasmodically and giving in and giving in and giving in She’s whipped she’s beaten now she’s lickin her skin She wants to scratch the itch but her scars just started healing Just keep moving and try her best not to get all dirty again .
She couldve been somebody She wanted to prove herself to daddy But big brother turned out to be bigger and stronger She never wanted to be needy She’s always needed something she’s never been given She’s getting tired of trying to be worthy Over time anyone can learn to live with the pain and still keep going A lonely dog thats been losing her appetite and letting the insects devour Six legs burrowing in A puppy dog she needs a good owner The master’s hand to lend her the strength to win .