By: RecentIy03~


 A thought (forms like), a fetus,

Like the big bang,

The supple saturation and the seperation,

Holy mother and child,

Forgiven, not forgotten

The birth of the universe,

The torment of duality,

Like Love and dreams,

fire and ice,

eternal life and death,

As we ride from stop to stop

On a seemingly neverending loop

To the wrong destination,

east to west, and lite to darkness


People in the city

A cluster of stars,

a cloud of fertility

, a cohesive solar system,

a most ripe galaxy,

a collective universe of souls

swimming in a sea of matter where we met  


Life attracted to life,

atom to atom, female and male,

the imagined touch of your hand

Running through my hair

When you switched seats

To sit directly behind me on the bus,

Like the finger of god

Fire and ice, east and west, swirling vorticies

Like insufferable blackholes  


Into which i stumble

Before i find myself staring

at the glowing reflection of an ipod in the window,

the birth of another dream,

The frail corpse of reality just a memory

like the  sound of your music

spreading through the nebula of space,

east to west, and the rhythmic beating of our collective hearts

from life to death through death and back to life