(Mark) started writing poetry at the age 13.

He says his inspiration was “My 8th grade teacher who introduced me to simple Japanese (Haiku) and I found it quite pleasant to construct the little poems.”  The first poem he wrote was about “The Swallows that flew so erratic off my back porch” and he remembers that the experience was “quite fulfilling as friends and loved ones enjoyed the finished write”.

We know him as Marcoosh and Marc on AOL. He has been a regular in the Late Night Poets Chat since 2004.

He first discovered the room by haphazard fumbling and thinks it is a wonderful mix of artists in writing and also emotions.  He feels that regulars there are friendly soulfood.

Marcoosh attended our first Spoken Word Happenings.

His most memorable moment from the events was getting to actually see and hear our roomies. 

From the piano by Pitch Penny to discovering what in the world “A Solitary Hawk” looks like (quite wonderful actually). 

His poetry has been published in Vanity and POD.

 He has performed as a spoken word poet in Lowell, MA.

(his hometown) and on the web in capable chat rooms.  He is currently active in his local poetry community in Meet Up groups.

You can read Marcs poetry at:  Writing.com 


The Thirteenth Iron Law: Mark R. Loiselle

The Thirteenth Iron Law         Leymomentum

Leymomentum: Mark R. Loiselle

Get a little more personal and get to know our spotlight poet by reading our LNP Spotlight Profile Below~!

Screen Name: Marcoosh

Name: Mark

Where do you live: Lowell Massachusetts (Jack Kerouac country)

Origin of S/N: Marcoosh is a nick name given to me by friends and it means; the weekend is here, time to party!

Age: 57

Marital Status: Divorced

Special Interests: Jazz/Rock drums, Reading to others

Favorite Author: H.G. Wells

Favorite Book: A Book Of Twelve Laws/The Healing Self by DR. Hugh Nelson (Unlisted)

Favorite Poet: Virginia Satir

Poem by; Virginia Satir


(Making Contact)

I believe

The greatest gift

I can conceive of having

from anyone


to be seen by them,

heard by them,

to be understood


touched by them.

The greatest gift

I can give


to see, hear, understand

and to touch

another person.

When this is done

I feel

contact has been made.


Top 5 interests / hobbies outside of poetry;

1) Digital Photography

2) Reading to children

3) Making the downtown more accessible

4) The Herbal Nutrition Club

5) Staying online

Favorite Sports/Teams: Olympic Wrestling Team (the original sport)

Favorite Music/Band: Reggae, The Marley Family

A Couple of Marks Favorite Songs:

Favorite Movie: SAW, The Final Episode

Favorite Foods: Seafood

Favorite Place To Vacation: Mountains

Favorite Poem:  Making Contact By: Virginia Satir

If you could meet any poet, who would it be and why

Robert Frost, I have been to his New Hampshire home and have written poetry

on his Derry, New Hampshire Farm.

Current Projects: Taking care of myself.

Favorite Quote: “Some are born to sweet delight some are born to endless night” Blake


Top five websites you most frequent;


1) Writing.com

2) Google / You Tube

3) LateNightPoets2

AOL ~Member Created~ Special Interests~ Late Night Poets

4) Poets~of~Lates

5) Walgreens :p



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