Strong Hands

Providing For Family

Keeping House and Home

Protecting Her As She Dreams


Weathered Hands

Taking Care Of Home

Building, Designing, Repairing

The Happiness That You Both Want.


Calloused Hands

Building A Life Of Love

Tightly Gripping, Holding Steady 

Keeping Close That Which You Both Cherish


Rough Hands

Working To Maintain

The Foundation Of All You Both Are

Nothing Can Weaken What Keeps You Strong


Skilled Hands

Crafting Their Life

Sculpting Each Aspect

Creating All The Beauty That Surrounds Them


Gentle Hands

Carressing Her Shoulders

Relieving The Tensions Of Her Day

Reassuring Her,That These Burdens Are Shared


Your Hands

Resting Upon My Cheek Reminding Me

That I Am Your One Love, A Soft Touch

 As A Promise To Tend The Garden Of My Heart


Jean 11-29-12  FILLMYEYES