Name: Melinda Campbell

Age__48 years young

Occupation: Poet

Education None, I’m just beginning

 Presently in the State of Alabama


Melinda started writing poetry at the age of seven. inspiration was “My second grade teacher. As a class assignment she asked us to write a poem about beauty. I remember some of the other children sighing out loud and looking perplexed. I found the assignment fun and comfortable.”

We know Melinda as SouLProbe7 on aol.com  Screen Name;


Origin of S/N__SouL=Spirit, +  Probe = Science,  7= complete


She has been a regular in the Late Night Poets Chat since 1998. She first discovered the room by searching for a chat room that she could relate to and thought it was an opportunity to meet other people who love to write.

Melinda feels that the LNP Poets are interesting people and looks forward to meeting kindred souls.

Melinda  attended our first Spoken Word Happenings back in 2010 and 2011

Her poetry has been published in Treasured Poems of America with Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum, Ins. Melinda  is actively seeking publication with Xlibris, self-publishing.

Souls cover



My most valuable experience in LNP is the support and encouragement other poets offer

You can read her poetry at Amazon.com: Buying Choices: Treasured Poems of America Summer 1995  and get a little more personal and get to know our spotlight poet by reading our LNP Spotlight Profile Below~!

Few People know that she is interested in Photography.  

I do not search for books to read in a traditional manner. Most of my collection of books; inspirational, reference and books of poetry, were given to me one at a time, by people that have crossed paths with me. I always have the person gifting the book to sign it for me in remembrance of the inspiration and experience that flowed between us. There are a few books I bought when I attended an event or know the author. Sometimes I journey into a thrift store and search for old books that speak to me, this way I find beautiful treasures placed within the pages of the books.

All of the creative people I have known are my favorite Authors and Poets, beautiful in their own right. My favorite book, must be the book of Revelations and the book of Psalms and the book of 1 Corinthians 12. I have revisited them more than any. With that said, I share with you, you path is awesome also.

These are words that will be published in my book…    prelude                      

As I breathe, life has naturally been a beautifully etched window, open to release and follow each colorful stepping stone to a waterfall’s rainbow of possibilities.

My poems are my personal experiences, some dream gifted, some are through the eyes and hearts of others. All the poems are a blend of life, love, longing, pain and death.

My poems are a personal search for truths and the passions of life, holding no secrets. The depths of my soul revealed, even when it’s uncomfortable. Revealed for hearts to intertwine and dance with validation that’s it’s  okay to explore every depth of your soul.

 No religion, no faith, no judgments should ever enslave our true selves. Fear is not of God; it’s one of life’s biggest challenges to overcome.

My soul has lived in fear, an invisible force, a wet heavy coat that I am, at long last, removing. The fear was not placed there by God. It became part of me by circumstances, teachings, choices and abuse– none of which have defined me, because of my ever growing foundation. My castle’s foundation is not yet finished, it towers beyond the clouds, in a place where we are all awake

Top 5 interests / hobbies outside of poetry…….

1 planting seeds

2 writing articles

3 releasing fears

4 traveling

5 smiling more

Favorite Music  I truly enjoy all genres depending on my mood. I revisit classic rock more than any.

K.D. Lang sings Leonard Cohen‘s Hallelujah – YouTube

Christina Perri – Jar of Hearts (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Bon Jovi – Bed Of Roses

Favorite Movie; this changes with the wind. Last movie I truly felt a connection with was Eat Love Pray.  I love War movies and witty

Favorite Place To Vacation… On top of any mountain

Favorite Poem……The cremation of Sam Mc gee by Robert Service.  

Melinda also likes

Lacey – Slam poet

The Lie – Song and Spoken Word  

If you could meet any poet, who would it be?  Leonard Cohen I would love to meet him, He moves me as if we were ol’ friends

Current Projects Publishing my poetry book


Favorite Quote _Hate is Spiritual Suicide


Top five websites you most frequent:





5. http://www.allmyfaves.com/