by RW 

  She Loved me like a lightning bolt
  caressed me like a breeze
  Softended the electric hum
  with bloodstained melodies
  She met my naive wonder
  with worldly teacher’s tone
  she took the distant thunder
  and made it all my own
  Her kiss was urgent, ravenous
  Her lips a velvet hook
  Her deep set eyes were cavernous
  with hidden pleasures look
  Her body valleys mountains seas
  Her smell opiate mist
  Her hair silk tentacles of pleas
  her secrets to be kissed
  Her absence is a void left sore
  Her missing hurts the worst
  this vacancy was seen before
  I’m not the last or first
  The hurt is palpable in time
  its aches congruent beak
  she gave me soul pain’s noble rhyme
  so I in time could speak
  When I think of her still yet
  It’s smiles and Mayday sprees
  despite the razors, no regret
  I’ve known rare ecstasies

  With time and with mere circumstance
  I’m blessed and joyous too
  by fate’s design or just by chance
  to have known the Power that is you