By: Daisies
Mystery still is very much alive
In this small country town
Come Halloween night
And gossip, rumors spread around
It is said that Mrs. Tucker
Who lives on down the lane
Was transformed from a beauty
Into a nag gone insane
And the local Baptist preacher
Known for sermons on alcohol
Was seen that very night
Engaged in a drunken brawl
And that daughter of Mr. Jones
Thought he’d sent her off to college
She wasn’t at school ‘studying’
But paying off her Daddy’s mortgage
And cute little Johnny Walker
Who took Suzy for his wife
Dressed himself up as a ghoul
And gutted her with a knife
The papers called it suicide
But the town’s wagging tongue’s
Had her slain body described
Right down to her bloody lungs
Apparently some lost their minds
Or so it is still said
More so among the living
Than ever the Halloween dead