By: CCPoems4U

We all know fear, of course we do,
From the time when we were kids.
When we were labeled scaredie-cats,
So its best to keep them hid.
All grown up now, we discover,
A different kind of fear,
the loss of monitary things,
And the things we hold most dear.
Can not meet the mortgage,
At risk to loose your home,
At time its hard to pay the bills,
And your feeling so alone.
And then there’s fear of failure,
Though you have worked so hard.
Your best just wasn’t good enough,
About to play your final card.
Don’t forget the fear of loosing,
And right there at your peak,
Something always happens,
To risk your winning streak.
But the one fear hardly mentioned,
Is that haunting fear of death,
Of hearing your last heart beat,
Or taking your last breath.
It’s a time when every Atheist,
Finds out how wrong he’s been,
And prays to any God who’ll listen,
To forgive him of his sins.
Long ago, in some forgotten war,
 I conquered my worst fear,
I prayed, Oh Lord, I will sin no more,
 If you’ll just get me out of here.
              D.O. Smith 07