By: Daisies
With loving hand she picked up the bow
In her secret place down in the woods
Catching in her hair the falling snow
And allowed the dusk to set her mood
With chin tucked in its familiar resting place
Both arms raised, standing tall and proud
Eyes now closed and while looking down
She played as she hummed softly aloud
Snow birds gathered to hear the trill of
A violin’s music and the wonder it brought
While all the music they could ever make
This one would remain elusive they thought
Falling upon the listening snow birds
Were not just the melodious notes of their kind
But the unsung song that has failed with words
The pain and the glory, the passion of mankind
Here was the music of the world’s broken hearts
The sounds of all the newborn babies cries
Lonely and forsaken, forgotten and abandoned
The gasps and sighs of the ones who die
Swaying now as dusk gives way to the night
The violinist played to her heart’s fulfill
And there in the driven snow so bright
Snow birds and the world stood still