By: Dreadlox33

Waking up before sunrise
Was a forgone conclusion this morning.
He made coffee,
Fed his pet mouse, Padua;
Stroked its tail
Left a short note for its care.
He wrote in his journal;
So much to say
About what lies ahead…
A new journey.
No more pain!
Mounting his bike
On to his Volkswagon bike rack
He drove the two miles
To the bridge, parked in the adjacent lot
And retrieved his bike.
He threw his backpack on
And rode to the apex of the bridge.
It was an exquisite morning;
The fog billowing against
The orange steel…
Like shaving cream to a blade.
He looked out over the bay
And over farther
At the city skyline and Sausalito.
He pulled out his cell phone
To call his father…
“Hello dad? I just called to say I love you.
…No, I’m fine,” he assured him.
The conversation was short
And one sided.
“Goodbye, dad,” he said.
He lit a cigarette
And shivered slightly.
“Am I ready for this?” he asked himself.
No more pain;
Weak rationalization.
He laid down his backpack
With his phone and journal inside
And quickly climbed over the railing;
Stepping onto the attached 16″ steel girder
…now open to the water.
Horns began to honk
From the cars that saw him
…disturbed horns.
Far below windsurfers cut roostertails
Through the black water.
He pulled a bottle of Prozac
Out of his pocket.
Opening the lid, he released the contents
Into the open air.
No more pain…he reassured himself.
He wrote the name of a girl
And a date onto the steel;
Remembered a time as a young boy
And in the next moment… he was gone.
~ …ian
~ 6-6-12