By: Sherimar 

Darkness is falling 
doorbells are calling
the children of the land.
In voices so sweet
they yell, “trick or treat”
offering an  outstretched hand.
Garbed in costumes and sheets
they gather their sweets…
No lingering, they’re in a hurry.
 Screams of delight
and some with sheer fright
as door to door they scurry.
Their little hearts quaking
and knees surely shaking
they make their way through the night.
The evening is done
it’s been such great fun…
but wait! there’s one more light !
One last house on the very last street
the jack’o’lantern’s still glowing.
One last chance to score a sweet,
then it’s time.. they should be going.
Tired and bedraggled they wander and roam
dragging full sacks of candy back home.
The night is complete, it was so very neat
when in unison they yelled , “TRICK OR TREAT!”
………Sher (2012)………..