By: Feign

The Platypus is mad at me
he made it known, with dignity
that I was going to rue the day
I smacked him on the butt
Well, he ate all my picnic lunch
he and his unruly bunch
my doorbell rang, I had a hunch
of what I was to see
Platy and his bestest friends
no there for sure to make amends
for it appeared they’d never mend
from those butt smacks I gave them
the squirrel was all bandaged round
to hide the hideous bruises found
the frog suffered whiplash,he found
and the pig was limping bad
The Platypus said, “just LOOK at us”
“now I don’t want to make a fuss”
“but we will wait here for a bus,
To complain to the cops.”
“ok.” I said, and shut the door
but through it I heard a few things more
“hey Platy,?you think she has more,
of that delicious food?
I noted that the bus went by
 nowhere on it those were those guys,
so out the window I  did spy
them mumbling on  the steps
I opened up the door and said,
“I thought you guys were almost dead!
the riot act you should have read
because I beat you so.””
The Platy smiled a twinkly smile
said,”oh we kidded you a while”
we can fix this in good style”
if you will give us lunch!”
I went and got my frying pan
held it threateningly in hand
I never knew such injured ran!
and Platy yelled “that’s IT for you!!!
The mouse squeaked, “You’re not NICE.”