In the echo of marsh and reeds
Amongst the stench of fog and weeds
Dwells a demon of dreaded dreams
Come hither! For something sinister gleams
Wade naught, that distant pond, my sweet
For there in a hoary mist, will greet
Beneath a creaky oak and cypress leaves
Under still waters in silent heaves
While your eyes like maple leaves, it so seeks
A gnome in thoughts of such tossing reeks
So be it! As you slide off your gossamer gown
As it lay by the side to it’s utmost glee, nary a frown!
Your burning desire not drenched by that cool breeze
As you wade into the that abyss it will you so seize
Your lonely eyes yet raking that distant shore
For each icy touch to your hearts’ heart, it tore
A flurry of cold ethereal fingers, slowly wrapped betwixt your toes
Riding from below, up your luscious thighs in deep creeping furrows
In throes of ecstasy and tremble will you so drown?
With a devil’s deed, with nary a mark on its evil crown?