Once Upon a midnight dreary, we’ve walked that road before.
Now let me show you something scary.. a waltz along the moors.
The mist slithers in near your feet
then your footsteps echo like a drum with a beat.
As the mist grows larger it’s now around your knees.
This night is getting eerie I think it’s time to flee.
A mile further down the road it’s climbed up to my hips.
People have been murdered here, their throats punctured and ripped.
These swampy moors are alive with life..
insects, frogs and things
I’ll do my best to make my way past fearsome fairy rings.

This fog it now engulfs me way up to my chest..
visibility is terrible maybe five feet at best.
I try to do the right things to show that I am brave.
There jumps a toad and across the road..
a cemetery with graves
Finally it happened, the fog is all around.
It distorts the normal world, it alters sight and sounds
And now I am surrounded..
by creatures I can’t see
I wonder if this midnight walk will be the death of me.