By: EyeOfTheTiger2u7

Hey pretty Kitty what ya been a doing ?
Perched on the sofa sitting there a mewing
Jumping to the left and jumping to the right
Just like a Kitty leaping out of sight
Hey pretty Kitty what ya doing now ?
Licking on your paws getting clean somehow
Make sure you get all the spots on your fur
What’s that I hear sounds like a purr
Hey pretty Kitty I’ve been a thinking ?
Don’t just sit there with eyelids a blinking
I’m kinda seeing you all over the house
Don’t ya think you better go get that mouse
Hey pretty Kitty don’t sit there a snoring ?
It’s not my fault that your day is boring
Sitting on your haunches biting and a scratching
Just like a Kitty cat looking for some action
Hey pretty Kitty is your day filled with noise ?
Jump in the play box and find some toys
This is a perfect place for a Kitty to be
Or you can sit on my lap and be with me
Hey pretty Kitty
Soft Kitty warm Kitty
Little ball of fur
Sleepy Kitty happy Kitty
Purr Purr Purr