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Read The Poem

Become a member of the bar crowd

There is a Private Eye questioning you

about what went on…

Create your characters point of view

on what it was that they saw.. or.. did Not see.

If you think you can carry the Private Eyes story

feel free to give it a try…

(I have very set thoughts on him though)

All Entries will be posted on Late Night Poets Blog…

Try to keep the film noir “flavor” of the Brassy Dame

going with your entries : )


“Brassy Dame”

Into the bar she sauntered
a sway upon her hips
up to the bar she traveled
a parched look upon her lips
she slipped out of her raincoat
it’s foxtails hit the floor
she ordered up a Gin & Juice
as he slipped in through the door
He was tall and handsome
broad shoulders and strong arms
He walked as if he owned the place
could be cause for some alarm
all our eyes upon her
as her eyes met his at last
she surely took his breath away
as she sweetly sipped her glass
Her eyes were green as emeralds
her hair a stunning shade of red
her legs were long and shapely
she could really knock em dead
she smiled at the bartend
and winked a sultry wink
she smiled at him confident
that she had made him think
she wandered to the table
and she sat upon the chair
she watched him walk across the room
giving him a lingered stare
she crossed her legs and listened
as the music filled the air
thoughts of him did thrill her
as she ran fingers through her hair
we all understood it
her intentions not disguised
she set her sites upon him
we all saw it in her eyes
he walked across the bar room floor
it was quite a sight
when she curled her index finger
and she asked him for a light
he struck a match and so did she
the sulphur hit the air
she leaned and whispered in his ear
a secret they did share
He sat down at her table
her hand upon his thigh
it only took an instant
til we heard that big man sigh
she stood and started walking
across that bar room floor
he wasn’t far behind her
both heading for the door
she turned and smiled at us all
and waved a hand goodbye
she drove off in his Cadillac
and blew a kiss, “ohh, my”
the big guy never stood a chance
she was way out of his league
if only for an instant
she brought him to his knees
he’ll never understand it
How he gave into his lust
never trust a brassy dame
that’ll drink and smoke and cuss